viernes, 27 de marzo de 2015

Ctents was at HOMSEC, International exhibition of Security Technologies

Homsec registered more than 11.000 professional visitors from 40 different countries

Homsec was opened by Spanish Home Affairs Minister.

Military tent CtentsCtents showed one of its professional tents and received the interest of many of the attendants interested in developing camp hospitals and military training camps, and in endowing their armies or emergencies, security and civil defense teams with Ctents.

Also some technological companies has shoen their interest in using Ctents for remote areas work where they install communication systems.

Lightweight military tent CtentsCtents awakened high interest between visitors coming from countries such as Venezuela, Egypt, Ecuador or Indonesia and of course from Spain, Italy and other European countries.

After the intense three days of exchanging cards with visitors now we are working to customize the best solutiions for them.

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